YoUnified All-In (or INclusive) Panay Island project promotes empowerment of young leaders coming from indigenous people’s groups in Panay Island, Philippines. With several Indigenous People or IP groups identified by the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) in the island, several has been integrated to the mainstream communities. Several of its youth members are enrolled in local school. However, integration does not mean they are not experiencing discrimination or if they are empowered.

The project ran an incubation program for the youth coming from IP communities in the island. It assisted and prepared them in becoming a good leader and catalyzer in their respective communities. Through the project, it enabled them to take a lead in addressing pressing issues and reecho social responsibility in their fellow youth. The leadership camp last December 3 – 4 2016 was a part of the bigger nationwide Philippine-YoUnified Event of the same audience (IP youth).

The tribes that participated are as follows:

– Boracay Ati Tribal Organization of Boracay, Malay, Aklan

– Malay Highlanders Foundation Cooperative

– Dumarao Suludnon Tribe

– Lambunao Sulodnon Tribe

– Jamindan Sulodnon Tribe

– Antique Sibalom Tribe (SISA)

– Sitio Kati Kati Jordan

– San Rafael Aeta Group

– Lumboy Aeta Tribe

The event in the municipality of Ajuy was warmly accommodated by the local government unit through the office of SB Carol-V Espinosa.

Check out our mannequin challenge viral video.

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