When leaves change its color and fall from various deciduous trees, it means winter is coming.  It was been two years, yet the memory seems it was just yesterday.  Clearly, it was not just the transition of summer to winter; it is a significant transition that changes my life.

Fast forward, for two years, I worked with my co-alumni under U.S. Government Alumni Association in the Philippines (USGAA-PH) & with YSEALI Alumni of University of Nebraska-Omaha (UNO). All managed by U.S. Embassy-Manila and U.S. Department of State as a whole. As Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Alumni, I am grateful to be one of those who proved that, “It is never too young to lead.”

Taken during the Sept 2017 USGAA Region VI Fellowship Dinner

Together with Ate Jarrah Brillantes, we founded the USGAA-VI, a local base of USGAA-PH in Region VI. In USGAA-VI, we have continuous collaboration with all the alumni we reach in the region. We conceptualize and create feasible community projects. With SMART goals, we carefully plan the things we need to do to have greater impact. During the implementation, we share all the resources we have to make sure everyone go home with lots of learning’s in life.

All of these lead to what makes each project worth living. Each project leaves a mark that has a great impact to our participants. Yet, I must say it was not just to them, but for us as well. It changes us to someone we couldn’t imagine we could be.

Every step is a new journey, there’s more to come. So, stay-tuned, it is 2-years in-service and counting.


Written by Angelica Belarmina

USGAA – Region VI Coordinator

YSEALI  Alumni

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