The contribution of every young leader starts from a simple deed that marks impact to the lives of underprivileged community through a strong commitment in making a difference to an act of widening the horizon of passion and volunteerism through collaboration in sowing engagement of initiating change and building a movement of innovations…Leadership, Engagement, Goals, Advocacy, Collaboration, and Youth form the so-called – LEGACY.

The Legacy Camp Wave 4 is a platform to create a network of intercultural young leaders who believe that the transformation of the community begins from the young minds who have the visions to empower change. The 3-day camp has become an eye-opener to the youth that it is “never too young to lead” to identify problems and issues that every community is facing and to give sustainable solutions that can be one’s legacy to the next generations.

From Sowing to Legacy to Movement, young leaders unlearn and relearn from their personal experiences and acknowledge the shared practices from other organizations; fresh front-runners know what their goals really are and what they can do with their goals; new influential persons establish linkages despite their culture, languages, and locations; novice privileged youth conceptualize programs and projects well-matched for their community; experienced leaders inculcate ideas to one another; and chosen ones have the enthusiasm for building a strong nation.

The youth is the paragon of sowing legacy in making a rippling movement to their fellow youth. To be young is not forever but to implement difference with and to others is a lifetime starting from a small step to a continuous walk of development. Thus, the youth has to collaborate and advocate for their goals through engagement with other leaders.


Written by
Kenneth Bacala from Kabankalan City
Legacy Wave 4 Delegate

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