Dear Fellow Alumni,

The purpose of putting together this group is not just for the upcoming reconnect. We would like to reach out with different alumni in the area so we can 1. See how our repatriation projects are, if there is any. 2. Understand the impact of different alumni in their specific areas and its constituents. 3. Be a to younger alumni and those who are young leaders in each others network. 4. Unite the network for collaboration.

Special mention to Madam Au who thinks we can do a USAID project together.

The network can help us achieve our advocacies/end goals. We can discuss more of this during the reconnect event on August 18-19 in Iloilo City, Philippines. We understand that some of you have important posts that will not allow you to sit down in one day event. There will be socials on August 18, 6pm – 9pm at the Capitol, Iloilo City. (Concept of the party will be decided on June 17th meeting at Richmonde Granary, 5:30pm).

Note: There are constant projects from the embassy that the alumni can pitch and access. Hope we can all collaborate to support each others advocacies.

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