Who would missed personality development on the list of must-have-develop-skills? In 21st century, it is a vital element of success – to possess a personality that would prove you are worthy to stand and speak in front of everyone with enough oozing confidence and winning personality. Mission I’mPossible, on its fifth session, turned the once-reserved ladies into empowered women.

Our participants embarked on a fun-filled and informative day of developing a winning personality image with an empowered woman too – Ms. Rowena Diaz. Ms. Rowena, a.k.a Ms. Weng lead the day with her travelling bag – filled with all kinds of clothes fit with any occasion, make up kit, accessories, bags and shoes geared with her PowerPoint presentation and assistance from her staff. The session begins as she stood with a pose that can make you say, “You can’t mess with this woman.”

The ladies at first are timid and shy, but after an hour or two of continuous conversation they had gained confidence. They sit like a professional, walked confidently and spoke boldly. In a day they have discovered more of themselves and the power a woman carries behind her pose, make-up, clothes, accessories, bags and shoes. ” If mahibaluan mo man gid kung paano gamiton ang mga ina (mga bayo, makeup, sapatos kag iban pa) wala sang may makapugong simo magsuccessful. (If you have known how to pull and bring harmony to those things (referring to the women’s garments, makeup, and etc.), no one can stop you from succeeding.)”, said Sharmaine, one of the participants.

Being in a room with them gives me goosebumps, there are so much more they are capable of and willing to do to succeed. One participant is Lyka, a mother of two boys. There is a challenge on her end, she arrived late for her father, who supposed to take care of her boys (an infant 1-year-old and his 2-year-old), had an emergency a day before. No one can take care of her children, so, she left the infant to her mother, and carried her 2-year-old off from home and went up to 4th floor conference room and catch up with her fellow participants. The boy while we had our activities energetically joined the ladies. For the record I only have few moments when I felt empowered just being surrounded by group of women alone. This goes on my list.

They are getting ready! They can do it and we are excited as the wings of these ladies starts to spread. To be able to succeed in life we must endeavor to develop a pleasing winning personality. Surely, when they decided to fly, they can go wherever they hope to go and have the good life they all aim for. As I walked and reflect, I smiled and whisper, “who run the world?” In a flash, I was brought at the stage with Beyoncé and her girls as we boldly shouted, “GIRLS!”

1Mission ImPossible is a project lead by GBG – womenwill, SILAW Inc., & Coding Girls-Western Visayas in partnerships with USGAA-PG, U.S. Embassy Cultural Affairs, JJWC Secretariat, DOJ-PPA R6, WordPress, Maventech, Outloud & DICT.

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