As part of the 6th year anniversary of YSEALI, USGAA PG partnered with ULIKID Inc., a non profit organization that promotes the welfare and inclusion of children with disabilities, to explore multimedia advocacy campaign. This training-workshop cum YSEALI birthday party trained children with disabilities and young leaders on social media content creation.

Ms Tara Yap gave inputs on how to be responsible netizen.
Sir JM Apellado with his mentees working on a campaign on ‘Inclusion’.
Ms. Aura Landar sharing her thoughts with her mentees on ‘Sensitivity’.

Alums lend their time to mentor children with disabilities in putting together their advocacy plan and produce a social media content to promote their causes. Children with disabilities identified the following topics since these directly affect them:

  • Fake News
  • Bullying
  • Communication
  • Inclusion
  • Social Enterprise

The young participants enjoyed their project for the day. Some went all out with their campaign material by interviewing passerby on how they see people with disabilities (PWDs).

“The participants’ output are so professional”, Ms. Chee of Ulikid Parents Inc. said.

Check out the campaign videos made by children with disabilities and youth leaders below:


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