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Everyday, we carry the weight of the ongoing occurrence of 2020– the pressure of online classes, the aftermaths of the pandemic and the recent surge of typhoons. Every time we open our eyes, there seems to be no hope, but it’s about redirecting our perspective. In a world of thriving negativities, it’s imperative that we start understanding ourselves, because today, our country needs us more than ever.The society would continue to let us down but we have all the power to uplift one another. We are powerful than our minds. A step can allow us to breakthrough changes and we have so much potential to lead ways not only to improve ourselves but create a better society. Waves of challenges might start hitting but there’s always an island of hope that’s waiting.Break the Stigma is a project of USGAA Zamboanga and ADZU CO Guidance and Counseling Office, supported by U.S. Embassy in the Philippines. This is in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month and Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2020. ✊🏼🏥Mental Health is health, together, let’s Break the Stigma! ✊🏼🧠Follow us on our Facebook page for more updates, See you there! 👍💙#BreakTheStigma#USGAAZC

Edited by: Lawrence Agustin

Caption by: Amir Balimbingan

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