US Government Alumni Association – Panay and Guimaras (USGAA – PG) ran the first ever Conflict Resolution Clinic (CRC) Regionals in Iloilo City last March 6 – 7, 2021. After several months of being postponed because of COVID-19, the regionals are now scheduled for implementation from March – June 2021. The nationals will be on September 2021.

CRC is a 7-month program for students of political science, international studies, foreign services, law and other related courses to thematically grasp the principles of conflict resolution in theoretical setting and foster national sovereignty through Negotiation Simulation that they  may practice diplomacy as a tenet in conducting international relations when they become leaders themselves. USGAA – PG partnered with Humphrey Alumni Association, Fulbright PAEF, MSU – Tawi Tawi, President Ramon Magsaysay University – Masinloc Campus, Rotary Club of Iloilo West and the University of Nebraska in Omaha.

The Iloilo Regional Clinic has an amazing roster of speakers.

The first lecturer is PTCOL Rommel Miranda, Vice President of Hubert H Humphrey Alumni Philippines. He discussed about State Disaggregation and Civil Society Engagement. The second lecturer is Mr. Bassel Hariri; A Syrian Lawyer, Development Manager at Chemonics International, and an International Visitor Leadership Program Alumnus. His lecture is about War and Displacement. The third consultant is MS. PUTLI SUHARNI C. SAMANODI-CANDAO, Secretary of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations of the Philippines. She discussed about Treaty Making and Drafting of International Conventions. The third lecturer is Rotarian PP Bruce Hall of Rotary Club of Iloilo West discussed about Rotary International, funding opportunities and commitment to peace. Mr. Hall also introduced the last lecturer for the day, Dr. Rosalie Arcala-Hall. She is the President of Philippine Political Science Association. She discussed about Joint Military Exercises and Sovereignty. She shared the raw data of her recent research on Philippine Military Officers perspective towards Visiting Forces Agreement.

Iloilo Regionals – The Winning Team

Junior Diplomats Corps (JDC) shines, and a dark horse who was in the wild card made the CRC-Iloilo Regional Clinic much more thrilling. Two weeks before the regionals, The Ripples of the University of the Philippines-Visayas bailed out their spot in the competition leaving the two teams from the University of San Agustin (USA) left head-on against each other. CRC reopened the application and the University of Antique – Sibalom Red Ants took a bite and form their colony in the first-ever regional clinic. The Red Eagles soared high with the use of their political dynamics. Indeed, they proved that man is a political animal. JDC enters the room like noble diplomats as they are. JDC tamed the two country teams with their nobility cane. Randomly assigned as a Monarchy government, JDC lives up with what they are studying. In the negotiation table, they gained territories and established good diplomatic relations as they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses; and know how to strategize to use them to their advantage. The team maximizes the strengths of its members, giving the mic to the one who can communicate them. This first simulation ended with a cliffhanger as the teams are hyped up in leading to an agreement. During the amendment the demand for equality has been questioned that leads to a warning on militarization. This kick-off leaves us with a bang and hunger for more on the next regional clinics.

JDC will ascend to the nationals that will be held in Manila, Philippines on September 2021.

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